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About Us

Strimm is an innovator in video entertainment and linear television broadcasting, disrupting traditional methods with personalized broadcasting to anyone with access. Since 2012 in Chicago Illinois, we have set our vision: free people and brands alike from traditional broadcast limits for engaging linear TV viewing experiences! Our journey began.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Strimm integrates seamlessly with the world’s largest video hosting services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion & Rumble, so that users can access a vast library of diverse content to enrich their tv stations. You can also connect videos located in your own video streaming CDN servers to your Strimm account for a custom-branded TV broadcast on your website, on OTT platforms and in downloadable, white-label mobile apps, generated by Strimm for you.

More Than a Platform

Strimm is more than a platform; it is a vibrant community of individual content creators, small and large brands united in their love for innovative video entertainment. We serve thousands of people from 160+ countries. By joining Strimm, you become part of an international network of like-minded individuals working collaboratively together on shaping the future of online TV viewing.

Get Your TV Station Running

Come and explore the future of new media entertainment. Whether you are a business individual seeking a way to share their voice and create a significant passive income or a brand looking to engage its target market more directly, Strimm provides innovative tools and outstanding support so your business can flourish, and you make another mark in media space.

Stay tuned for the exciting future of Strimm!

Continuous broadcast from your own channel


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