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Kick Off a New Era in Sports Broadcasting Solutions With Strimm

Are you ready to level up your sports broadcast? Welcome to Strimm–where unmatched innovation and power take center stage. Strimm revolutionizes your sports broadcast solutions, making sure fans are enjoying your every game on different platforms, all managed from a single dashboard.
Are you ready to amplify and revolutionize how fans experience sports?

Connect with Strimm today and step into the future of sports broadcasting.
Maximum Engagement. Optimal Functionality.

Standard sports broadcast transmission solutions don’t even come close. With Strimm, you provide an elevated viewing experience with crystal-clear quality streams, accessible everywhere. Strimm's capability excellence extends beyond just visual clarity - it seamlessly integrates consistent branding elements.

Make every sports event an immersive experience with Strimm.
Business Meets Sports Broadcasting With Strimm

Merge the thrill of sports with astute business strategy using Strimm. Seamlessly guide fans from the climactic moments of a match to your eCommerce storefronts with integrated, continuous video streaming, converting die-hard fans into enthusiastic shoppers. Show your sport-related eCommerce products around your TV screen, while letting your fans watch captivating sports moments.
Strimm is an invaluable ally in satisfying sponsors, offering robust analytics across diverse platforms, where your TV network is embedded, ensuring clear and measurable ROI for your partners.

Converge your business aspirations with fan engagement and achieve success with Strimm.
Strimm: The Title Holder of Sports Broadcasting

Sports broadcasting is rapidly evolving, and Strimm proudly stands at the forefront of this revolution. Experience unparalleled autonomy, unhindered by the constraints of traditional broadcasting norms. Maximize revenue with Strimm’s innovative monetization options and video ads injection through your own VAST Tag URL. Control when your advertisement should appear on a screen and for how long. With its extensive reach and seamless embedding options, Strimm guarantees your content resonates, enticing fans across various platforms.

Get the game-changing effect of Strimm for your sports experience today.
Cross the Finish Line and Join Strimm Today

Step into Strimm's holistic, feature-packed ecosystem. Harness top-tier linear video broadcasting capabilities, intuitive tools, and automation options. With Strimm, every sports broadcast isn’t just a spectacle - it’s a potent, revenue-generating asset.

Switch to Strimm. Revolutionize your sports broadcasting.

Continuous broadcast from your own channel


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