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Strimm for Roku TV: Elevate Your Broadcasting Game

Roku isn't just another TV device; it's the epicenter of over 60 million households, with an astounding 111.7 million monthly viewers. This isn't a passing trend for content creators—it's an open invitation. If you've been wondering how to create a Roku TV channel…

Strimm is your answer.
Unlock Roku's Potential With Strimm

Roku is a game-changer in broadcasting, and with Strimm, not only do you easily create a TV channel on the platform, you make entertainment that resonates and captivates millions. Roku SDK app by Strimm is an advanced, white-label app designed exclusively for your brand. Experience the ease of a built-in TV guide, enabling viewers to seamlessly toggle between channels, similar to traditional cable or satellite TV experiences. Enjoy real-time broadcasts aligned with your curated schedules, allowing you to present a full-fledged Roku TV network under your brand.

We're not just broadcasting; we're leading the change.
Effortless Channel Publishing

Content creation should be about passion, not a technical hassle. Strimm simplifies the process. With Strimm TV's intuitive online dashboard, channel creation and programming are a breeze. Whether you're in the office or lounging on a beach, you can manage your content from anywhere globally. Plus, with the Roku Advertising Framework (RAF) integration, there's an added opportunity to monetize your channels on Roku.

Ready to simplify and shine? Strimm has you covered.
Roku and Strimm: A Broadcasting Match

Combine Roku's massive reach with Strimm's broadcasting prowess, and you've got a winning combo. We offer more than eyeballs - we transform viewers into die-hard fans. You’re not just creating your own TV channel on Roku and having your content watched, you are having it embraced… deeply.

With Strimm, you’re at the forefront of this broadcasting revolution.
Are You Ready To Redefine Roku Broadcasting?

Want to know the secret to setting the gold standard in content? It's pairing Roku's vast reach with Strimm's expertise. This isn't just about broadcasting; it's about creating captivating experiences. If you're wondering how to create a TV channel on Roku, it's time to act. Jump in with Strimm, where your content takes the pedestal it deserves.

Connect, Stream, and Thrive with Strimm for Roku.

Continuous broadcast from your own channel


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