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Become a Producer of Your Own TV Network
Strimm: Harness the Future of TV

Digital transformation has completely revolutionized how we consume media, with online television taking center stage. Strimm provides you with an innovative platform that lets you build your own branded linear TV stations, a whole TV Network, with unique features and monetization options not available anywhere else.

Effortlessly Create Your Own TV Station

Strimm makes creating your own TV station easy. Our platform equips you to easily curate and schedule content from multiple sources such as your own video streaming CDN server, YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and Rumble for 24/7 broadcast - giving you all tools to produce engaging viewing experiences right at your fingertips!

Customizable Branding: Make your station truly your own by personalizing its logo and look, directly from Strimm dashboard.

TV Guide Navigation: Provide viewers with a familiar cable tv experience by organizing all channels into an easily navigable TV guide that enables quick channel switching - much like cable or satellite television would.

Instant Schedule: Create your 24-hour TV schedule with a single click, using our Instant Schedule feature - saving both time and effort along the way! It allows for effortless TV program development!

Autopilot Function: Run your TV on autopilot! Let our smart “Autopilot” feature do all the hard work for you by automatically creating daily, random TV shows from your video library.

Unlimited Content: We have created a quick and simple way to resource a virtually unlimited selection of content from the top video providers in the world. In minutes, your tv station can be populated with hundreds of video shows of your choice, totally free and authorized by the video owners.

Monetize Your TV Network

Strimm makes content monetization simple with multiple monetization paths available, including VAST tag URL insertion that seamlessly inserts video ads into 24/7 broadcasts as pre-rolls or mid-rolls for optimal revenue creation. Turn your media passion into a profitable enterprise, making you income even while you sleep.

VAST Tag URL Support: Monetize your content using video ads from trusted providers like AdButler, Adglare, Adtelligent com and Google Ad Manager - among many others.

Adaptive Ad Insertion: Target ads based on viewer preferences to increase both revenue and viewer engagement, increasing both ad revenues and viewer satisfaction.

Reach Your Audience Everywhere

Strimm's unique technology ensures your content can reach audiences on various platforms - be it, your own website, Roku TV, downloadable mobile apps on iOS or Android - your audience can tune into your station wherever they are. Strimm’s goal is to assist businesses and organizations in engaging first-time visitors that come to their site and turning them into repeat users. Our platform empowers you to entertain, educate and engage your audience with your own custom 24/7 streaming channel.

Live Streaming

Strimm's integration with YouTube LIVE and Vimeo LIVE gives you an innovative way to engage your viewers instantly and dynamically - from live events, premieres and more - creating an interactive viewing experience for them.

Audience Insights: Gain invaluable knowledge of viewer behavior and preferences in real time, so you can tailor content appropriately, increasing engagement.

Why Select Strimm?

Strimm stands apart from its competition by offering unique features and benefits, along with an intuitive user-experience. By choosing Strimm, you can:

  • Start your own online TV station in 15 min or less.
  • Profitably monetize your content
  • Show your TV network in a familiar cable-like fashion with our proprietary TV guide.
  • Run your TV on autopilot and save time on managing your TV network.
  • Broadcast on as well as a value-added option.
  • Run your branded TV network on your website, OTT and your own branded mobile apps, generated for you.

Start today by creating your very own television station and profit from it round the clock.

Continuous broadcast from your own channel


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