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Our TV station showcases the immense talent that Pittsburgh has to offer. Available on our website, Roku TV with the Music from the 412 app, and Fire TV with the Tenband.tv app. Our programming highlights Pittsburgh-based musicians, their music videos, live performances, interviews, and behind-the-s
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Music from the 412 music & arts
m412 Old School music & arts
Rockin Roadshow music & arts
Rock n Roll Symphony music & arts
Backstage Pass music & arts
Spacebat music & arts
Live This is Red music & arts
SOS 2020 PGH music & arts
The Furnace music & arts
Steamworks Sessions music & arts
M412 on TenbandTV music & arts
TBTV Concerts music & arts
TBTV Sports sports
Hangin with Blue music & arts
Movie shorts entertainment
HughShows music & arts
M412 VJs music & arts
Build the Scene music & arts
the PA Rock Show music & arts
3 Questions music & arts
Is It Memorex music & arts

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